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Founded in 1995, Triple J Organics, LLC is a Family & Minority owned Business Company that manages 24 Acres of USDA Certified Texas Citrus. Our Farm Headquarters and Packinghouse are located on 14702 N Trosper Rd in Mission, TX.

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Triple J Organics, LLC is the ideal supplier to help you make the most of your organic business. For the large corporate companies, we are able to ensure on-time delivery of fresh quality of GENUINE certified organic Early Season Oranges packed in bulk standard cartons or 4 lbs. polymesh bags, as well Rio Star Grapefruit packed in bulk standard cartons or 5 lbs. nylon mesh bags. Meyer Lemons and Tangelos, and Valencia Oranges.



At Triple J Organics, we have focused and built our reputation in offering and selling the best GENUINE certified organic citrus South Texas has to offer. We maintain an in-stock status of different varieties of citrus, primarily Marrs Oranges and Rio Star Grapefruit, but also have limited availability of Navels, Meyers Lemons, and Tangelos throughout the harvest season.



At Triple J Organics, Food Safety is our highest priority. Our Food Safety Coordinator has developed and implemented a rigorous Food Safety Plan that aligns with USDA GAP standards, as well as the the current Food Moderation Safety Act (FMSA) Rules and Regulations to ensure that all of our certified organic citrus produce follows  a continuous chain of Food Safety practices from our farm and into your hands.

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