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Triple J Organics, LLC. was established in 1995 by Jesse Lozano of Mission, Texas.  It first began as a one-man hobby having planted and grafted almost every tree on an abondoned 10 acre orchard his father, Jesus Lozano, and his father-in-law, Jose Macias helped him to purchase after the 1983 freeze.  As the trees produced more fruit, the family was the main source of labor.  The first packing began in the backyard of our home in Pharr, Tx. Fruit was picked and loaded on the back of the pickup truck and was packed by the family in the backyard. As the business began to grow, Jesse built a packing shed on 14702 N Trosper Rd. Each year Jesse had to expand the square ft area of the packing shed to keep up with the demands of the market. Triple J Organics, LLC is known for and takes pride in its fresh and tree-ripened GENUINE certified organic citrus. Jesse oversees the grove care involved in the production of organic fruit, as well as the harvesting and packing of every box to ensure its wholesome goodness.

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